Our Youth in Iceland surveys capture all 5th-7th graders in all elementary schools in Iceland, 8th-10th graders in high school and all secondary school students in the country. Each cohort includes approximately 4.000 students. ICSRA surveys from 3 to 5 cohorts per year.

A set of core questions covers a wide array of demographic and social variables, including family structure, parental and peer support, structured and unstructured activities and pastimes, substance use, academic achievement, and psychosocial adjustment.  In addition to the regular core content of the surveys, additional questionnaire modules are included to examine particular social circumstances and potential risk and protective factors of particular interest to domestic and international researchers.

The results from our studies are used for two distinct purposes: a) for scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and b) as basis for local prevention work amongst children and adolescents in municipalities across Iceland.

The local work that builds on the evidence from the studies has resulted in a steady decrease in adolescents alcohol and substance use since 1997.