False Confessions And Individual Differences The Importance Of Victimization Among Youth

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Data Collection Procedures For School Based Surveys Among Adolescents The Youth In Europe Study

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Emotional Reactions To Stress Among Adolescent Boys And Girls

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Electronic Screen Use And Mental Well Being Of 10 12 Year Old Children

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Custodial Interrogation, False Confession And Individual Differences A National Study Among Icelandic Youth

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Caffeinated Sugar Sweetened Beverages And Common Physical Complaints In Icelandic Children Aged 10 12 Years

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Community Structural Instability, Anomie, Imitation And Adolescent Suicidal Behavior

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Body Image Trends Among Icelandic Adolescents A Cross Sectional National Study

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Bullying And Delinquency The Mediating Role Of Anger

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Association Between Higher BMI And Depressive Symptoms In Icelandic Adolescents The Mediational Function Of Body Image

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